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Competition Dates


F.A.R.S. Championships & National Competitions

17 - 18 March

7 - 8 April

12 - 13 May

9 - 10 June

23 -24 June

24 - 25 November

F.A.R.S. Spring Solo Dance Competition (Kettering)

F.A.R.S. Figures & Free Skating Competition (Kettering)

Tots/Minis/Espoir/Classic/Masters Dance Championships (H. Heath)

Cadet/Youth/Junior/Senior/Quartets Dance Championships (Kettering)

Figure & Free Skating Championships (Kettering)

F.A.R.S. Winter Solo Dance Competition (Kettering)

Club Competitions

4 March

15 April

1 July

27 - 29 July

15 - 16 September

14 October

28 October

10 - 11 November

West Berkshire RSC

Meridian RF & DC

Kent Artistic RDC

Cardiff City Rollers ARSC

Ely RSC - our very own competition... Watch this space for details!!

Tiptree ARSC

Medway RDC

Retroskate ARSC

Competition Results


F.A.R.S. Winter Solo Dance Competition

Saturday 25 November

Event 1b

Event 7

Event 1c

Event 1d

Event 2b

Event 3a

Event 3b

Event 10

Event 4c

Event 4d

Event 5a

Sunday 26 November

Event 13a

Event 14Aa

Event 14Ab

Event 15

11th: Jessie

4th: Sarah

1st: Kira

14th: Linayah, 15th: Amber

9th: Maddison

14th: Hattie

5th: Chloe F., 8th: Bryony S.

3rd: Richard

10th: Charlotte

6th: Chantel, 9th: Bryony F., 13th: Chloe M.

6th: Sophie, 10th: Cathy

5th: Chloe F., 10th: Bryony S.

8th: Charlotte

4th: Chantel, 6th: Bryony F., 11th: Chloe M.

5th: Sophie, 10th: Cathy

Retroskate ARSC - 8th Annual Gala

Saturday 11 November

Event 10 - Basic Skills
5 years & under

Event 11a - Basic Skills
6 years

Event 11d - Basic Skills
7-8 years

Event 26 - Basic Skills
Duos, 10+ years

Event 1b - Figures
Newcomers, 9-10 years

Event 1c - Figures
Newcomers, 11+ years

Event 2 - Figures
Novice, Under 9 years

Event 3a - Figures
Novice, 8-10 years

Event 3c - Figures
Novice, 12-13 years

Event 4a - Figures
Elementary, 12 years & under

Event 4b - Figures
Elementary, 13+ years

Event 15d - Free Skating
Preliminary, 13 years & under

Event 15e - Free Skating
Preliminary, 14+ years

Event 16b - Free Skating
Preliminary (3 minutes)

Event 19 - Free Skating
25+ years

Event 14f - Free Skating
Novice, 12 years

Event 21c - Free Dance
Elementary -  Inter-Bronze

Event 14d - Free Skating
Novice, 10-11 years

Event 14e - Free Skating
Novice, 10-11 years

Event 15b - Free Skating
Elementary, 11-12 years

Event 17a - Free Skating

7th: Elina

6th: Rose

3rd: Belle

5th: Ely Skittles (Alice & Megan V.),
8th: Ely Starbursts (Ciara-Marie & Keira)

1st: Kira

1st: Jessie, 3rd: Isabella, 10th: Ryan

2nd: Amber

4th: Tegan, 5th: Linayah

2nd: Lauren

6th: Maddison, 8th: Amie, 10th: Abby

2nd: Sarah, 8th: Karis

6th: Chloe F.

2nd: Chloe M., 5th: Karis, 6th: Charlotte, 7th: Bethany

4th: Carmen

5th: Sarah

7th: Lauren

6th: Bryony S., 7th: Chloe F., 9th: Abby

3rd: Kira

2nd: Teegan, 8th: Isabella

3rd: Abby, 4th: Bryony S.

7th: Bryony F., 9th: Chantel, 11th: Sophie

Sunday 12 November

Event 12b - Basic Skills
11 years

Event 12c - Basic Skills
12 years

Event 25a - Basic Skills
Duos, 6-7 years

Event 5a - Figures
Preliminary, 12 years & under

Event 5b - Figures
Preliminary, 13+ years

Event 6a - Figures

Event 6b - Figures

Event 7 - Figures
Inter-Silver & above

Event 9 - Figures
40+ years

Event 13c - Free Skating
Newcomers, 11+ years

Event 14a - Free Skating
Novice, 7 years & under

Event 14b - Free Skating
Novice, 8-9 years

Event 15a - Free Skating
Elementary, 10 years & under

Event 15c - Free Skating
Elementary, 13+ years

Event 21d - Free Dance
Bronze & above

Event 14c - Free Skating
Novice, 8-9 years

Event 14h - Free Skating
Novice, 15+ years

5th: Megan, 6th: Ciara-Marie, 9th: Keira

10th: Alice

6th: Ely Jelly Tots (Belle / Elina)

3rd: Chloe F., 5th: Carmen, 7th: Bryony S.

5th: Megan B., 7th: Hattie

2nd: Charlotte, 3rd: Chloe M., 4th: Chantel

2nd: Bryony F., 6th: Cathy

4th: Sophie

5th: Richard

1st: Ryan, 2nd: Jessie

3rd: Amber

8th: Tegan

2nd: Amie, 9th: Maddison

7th: Cathy

1st: Bryony F., 4th: Chantel, 6th: Charlotte, 8th: Cathy, 9th: Chloe M.,
10th: Bethany

4th: Linayah

6th: Hattie

Medway RDC - "Medway Cups" Competition

Sunday 29 October

Event 4a - Solo Dance
Prelim, up to 12 years

Event 4b - Solo Dance
Prelim, 13 to 17 years

Event 5b - Solo Dance

Event 3a - Solo Dance
Elementary, up to 11 years

Event 2a - Solo Dance
Non-medallist, up to 9 years

Event 2b - Solo Dance
Non-medallist, 9 to 12 years

Event 2c - Solo Dance
Non-medallist, 12 years & over

Event 8b - Solo Dance
40 years & over

Event 12b - Super Teams

Event 4c - Solo Dance
Prelim, 18 years & over

Event 1a - Solo Dance
Newcomers, 7 years & under

Event 14a - Solo Teams
Inter-Bronze & above

Event 14b - Solo Teams
Inter-Bronze & above

Event 1d - Solo Dance
Newcomers, 11 years & over

Event 11a - Duo Dance

Event 11b - Duo Dance

Event 13a - Solo Teams
Up to Preliminary

Event 13b - Solo Teams
Up to Preliminary

Event 7 - Solo Dance
Open standard

6th: Chloe F., 9th: Abby, 11th: Bryony S.

7th: Karis

2nd: Chantel, 3rd: Bryony F., 6th: Charlotte

6th: Amie, 9th: Teegan, 13th: Maddison

2nd: Amber, 3rd: Tegan

7th: Linayah

7th: Lauren

7th: Richard

5th: Ely Curly Wurlys (Amber / Chloe F. & Hattie / Bryony  F. / Sophie)
6th: Ely Flying Saucers (Isabella / Abby & Bryony S. / Charlotte / Cathy)

3rd: Hattie, 4th: Sarah

1st: Belle

3rd: Ely Starbursts (Chantel / Charlotte / Chloe F.)

4th: Ely Skittles (Sophie / Cathy / Bryony F.)

1st: Jessie, 5th: Isabella

6th: Linayah & Tegan

7th: Lauren & Isabella, 9th: Amber & Jessie

7th: Ely Smarties (Bryony S. / Abby / Maddison)
9th: Ely Minstrels (Teegan / Amie / Richard)

4th: Ely Jelly Tots (Karis / Sarah / Hattie)

4th: Sophie, 5th: Cathy

Cardiff City Rollers Inaugural Competition

Friday 11 August

Event 2a - Free Skating
Novice, 8 years & under

Event 2b - Free Skating
Novice, 9 years

Event 2c - Free Skating
Novice, 10-11 years

Event 2d - Free Skating
Novice, 12 years

Event 3a - Free Skating
Elementary, 9-11 years

Event 3b - Free Skating
Elementary, 12 years & over

Event 4 - Free Skating

3rd: Amber

1st: Linayah, 4th: Tegan

3rd: Teegan, 4th: Kira

8th: Lauren

2nd: Amie, 3rd: Maddison

4th: Bryony S., 8th: Abby

5th: Chloe F., 8th: Charlotte

Saturday 12 August

Event 7a - Solo Dance
Novice, 8 years & under

Event 7b - Solo Dance
Novice, 9 years

Event 7c - Solo Dance
Novice, 10 years

Event 7d - Solo Dance
Novice, 11-12 years

Event 8c - Solo Dance
Elementary, 9-11 years

Event 9b - Solo Dance
Preliminary, 12 years

Event 27a - Solo Dance

7th: Amber

1st: Linayah, 6th: Tegan

6th: Kira

6th: Lauren

4th: Maddison, 6th: Amie

2nd: Chloe F., 5th: Bryony S.

3rd: Chantel, 7th: Bryony F., 9th: Charlotte

Sunday 13 August

Event 18b - Free Dance

Event 19a - Free Dance

Event 21 - Team Dance
Preliminary & above

Event 22a - Team Dance
Elementary & under

Event 24 - Solo Dance
Best of Standard - Novice

Event 26 - Solo Dance
Best of Standard - Preliminary

6th: Bryony S., 8th: Abby, 10th Chloe F.

3rd: Chantel, 4th: Bryony F., 8th: Charlotte

4th: Ely Minstrels (Charlotte / Bryony F. / Chantel),
8th: Ely Maltesers (Chloe F. / Bryony S. / Abby)

2nd: Ely Smarties (Maddison / Amie / Teegan),
9th: Ely Revels (Linayah / Lauren / Kira)

12th: Linayah

3rd: Chloe F.

Maidstone Opens

Saturday 8 July

Event 17a - Free Skating
Non-medallists, 12 years & under

Event 17b - Free Skating
Non-medallists, 13 years & over

Event 7 - Adult Solo Dance
Up to Bronze, 30 years & over

Event 18a - Free Skating
Elementary / Preliminary

Event 18b - Free Skating
Elementary / Preliminary

Event 12 - Formations

Event 3a - Solo Dance
Elementary, 12 years & under

Event 3b - Solo Dance
Elementary, 13 years & over

Event 15 - Solo Teams
Inter-Silver & above

Event 2a - Solo Dance
Non-medallists, 10 years & under

Event 2b - Solo Dance
Non-medallists, 11 years & over

Event 13 - Formations
Up to Preliminary

Event 14 - Formations
Up to Bronze

Event 16 - Super Teams
Up to Gold

3rd: Teegan, 4th: Linayah, 5th: Kira, 6th: Amber, 7th: Tegan,
10th: Isabella, 11th: Lauren

8th: Hattie

9th: Richard

2nd: Chloe M., 4th: Chloe F., 5th: Carmen, 5th: Maddison,
8th: Bryony S., 9th: Abby, 10th: Amie

2nd: Karis, 3rd: Alex, 5th: Charlotte, 7th: Bethany

7th: Ely Dib Dabs (Linayah / Lauren / Kira)
10th: Ely Jelly Tots (Tegan / Amber / Isabella)

8th: Amie, 10th: Maddison

10th: Karis

7th: Ely M&Ms (Bryony F. / Cathy / Sophie)

3rd: Linayah, 5th: Kira, 10th: Amber, 11th: Tegan

4th: Lauren, 8th: Carmen, 11th: Alex

4th: Ely Smarties (Karis / Bryony S. / Abby)
10th: Ely Minstrels (Maddison / Amie / Carmen)

4th: Ely Skittles (Chloe F. / Chloe M. / Bethany)
10th: Ely Starbursts (Charlotte / Chantel / Hattie)

9th: Ely Flying Saucers (Solo: Sophie, Duo: Bryony F. & Chantel,
Trio: Maddison / Amie / Carmen)
11th: Ely Curly Wurlys (Solo: Cathy, Duo: Charlotte & Chloe M.,
Trio: Karis / Linayah / Alex)
12th: Ely Jelly Babies (Solo: Bethany, Duo: Chloe F. & Hattie,
Trio: Lauren / Kira / Isabella)

Sunday 9 July

Event 1a - Solo Dance
Newcomers, 11 years & under

Event 9b - Free Dance

Event 4b - Solo Dance

Event 5a - Solo Dance

Event 3c - Solo Dance
Preliminary, 12 years & under

Event 3d - Solo Dance
Preliminary, 13 years & over

Event 10b - Free Dance

Event 11a - Free Dance
Youth (Inter-Silver & above)

Event 11c - Free Dance
Senior (Inter-Silver & above)

8th: Isabella

7th: Chloe F., 10th: Bryony S., 15th: Abby

3rd: Bryony F., 4th: Chantel, 13th: Charlotte, 16th: Chloe M.,
18th: Bethany

8th: Sophie, 9th: Cathy

5th: Chloe F., 8th: Abby, 9th: Bryony S.

7th: Hattie

2nd: Bryony F., 3rd: Chantel, 7th: Charlotte, 10th: Chloe M.

8th: Bethany

8th: Sophie, 11th: Cathy

Tots - Senior Figures & Free Skating Championships

Tots Girls

Mini Girls

Espoir Ladies

Cadet Ladies

Senior Ladies

Amber - Figures: 5th, Free Skating: 5th, Combined: 5th

Amie - Figures: 6th, Free Skating: 5th, Combined: 5th
Maddison - Figures: 7th, Free Skating: 14th, Combined: 9th

Chloe F. - Figures: 4th

Bryony F. - Figures: 5th, Free Skating: 11th, Combined: 7th
Chantel - Figures: 4th
Chloe M. - Figures: 10th

Sophie - Figures: 2nd

Espoir - Senior & Quartets Dance Championships

Espoir Solo Dance

Cadet Solo Dance

Youth Solo Dance

19th: Chloe F., 25th: Bryony S., 26th: Abby

12th: Chantel, 13th: Bryony F.

15th: Bethany, 16th: Charlotte

Tots, Minis, Classic & Masters Dance Championships

Tots Solo Dance

Mini Solo Dance

Masters "B" Solo Dance

14th: Amber

11th: Maddison, 17th: Amie

6th: Richard

F.A.R.S. Figures & Free Skating Competition

Saturday 8 April - Figures

Event 2 - Novice
(up to 13 years)

Event 3 - Novice
(14 years & over)

Event 5 - Elementary

Event 7 - Preliminary

Event 8 - Cadet

Event 9 - Inter-Bronze

Event 10 - Youth

Event 11 - Bronze

Event 13 - Inter-Silver

Sunday 9 April
Free Skating

Event 16 - Novice
(up to 11 years)

Event 17 - Novice
(12-13 years)

Event 20 - Elementary

Event 21 - Espoir

Event 22 - Preliminary

Event 23 - Cadet

1st: Lauren, 2nd: Amie, 3rd: Maddison, 5th: Bryony S., 10th: Linayah,
12th: Abby

11th: Alex

3rd: Chloe F., 7th: Carmen, 9th: Sophie B., 10th: Teegan

4th: Hattie

3rd: Bryony F., 8th: Chantel, 10th: Chloe M.

1st: Charlotte

3rd: Bethany

1st: Cathy

1st: Sophie W.

1st: Amie, 3rd: Maddison, 5th: Linayah

6th: Abby, 7th: Bryony S., 9th: Teegan, 14th: Lauren

2nd: Alex, 3rd: Sophie B., 7th: Karis

12th: Chloe F., 13th: Carmen

5th: Bethany, 6th: Charlotte, 7th: Chloe M.

12th: Chantel, 14th: Bryony F.

F.A.R.S. Spring Solo Dance Competition

Saturday 11 March

Event 2b

Event 3a

Event 3b

Event 4a

Event 5a

Event 5b

Event 13a

Event 14a

Event 14a(i)

Sunday 12 March

Event 11

Event 7b

Event 16b

Event 17a

Event 19

Event 18a

Event 18b

7th: Amie, 8th: Maddison

12th: Chloe F.

5th: Bryony S., 15th: Abby

5th: Chantel, 13th: Bryony F.

16th: Bethany

4th: Charlotte

9th: Chloe F.

3rd: Bryony F., 6th: Chantel

8th: Bethany

5th: Richard

1st: Sophie W., 6th: Cathy

1st: Sophie W., 2nd: Cathy

7th: Maddison & Chloe F., 9th: Abby & Bryony S.

10th: Sophie W. & Cathy

8th: Bethany & Charlotte

7th: Bryony F. & Chantel


Herne Bay "Falkland & Magpie" Competition

Saturday 10 December

Event 15

Event 3A

Event 3B

Event 14

Event 20

Event 29A

Event 29B

Event 7A

Event 10

Event 2Aa

Event 2Ab

Event 26

Event 3C

Sunday 11 December

Event 25

Event 8B

Event 11A

Event 28

Event 11B

Event 24

Event 8A

Event 29C

Event 5A

Event 5B

Event 23

Event 22

Event 16

8th: Chloe M. & Bryony F.

2nd: Abby, 3rd: Maddison, 5th: Linayah

2nd: Amie

9th: Chloe F. & Hattie

2nd: Ely Jelly Babies (Amie / Abby / Bryony S.),
8th: Ely Curly Wurlys (Linayah / Maddison / Kira)

6th: Ely Starbursts (Chloe F. / Chloe M. / Bryony F.)

10th: Ely Maltesers (Abby / Maddison / Richard)

6th: Bryony F., 8th: Chloe M.

6th: Richard

10th: Tegan F.

3rd: Lauren, 5th: Kira

11th: Ely Skittles (Chloe F. / Hattie / Richard)

5th: Bryony S.

7th: Ely Jelly Babies (Amie / Abby / Bryony S.)

8th: Cathy

1st: Kira & Lauren

7th: Ely Smarties (Bryony F. / Sophie W. / Cathy)

2nd: Abby & Bryony S., 5th: Maddison & Amie, 7th: Tegan F. & Linayah

6th: Ely Poppets (Tegan F. / Kira / Lauren)

8th: Sophie W.

8th: Ely Caramels (Amie / Bryony S. / Hattie)

8th: Chloe F.

9th: Hattie

5th: Ely Smarties (Bryony F. / Sophie W. / Cathy)

8th: Ely Minstrels (Chloe F. / Chloe M. / Hattie)

6th: Sophie W. & Cathy

F.A.R.S. Winter Solo Dance Competition

Saturday 26 November

Event 1c

Event 1a

Event 5

Event 3a

Event 3b

Event 4b

Event 4c

Sunday 27 November

Event 15

Event 16b

Event 17

Event 17a

3rd: Bryony S., 4th: Abby

1st: Amie, 4th: Maddison

6th: Sophie W., 10th: Cathy

7th: Chloe F.

9th: Charlotte, 12th: Hattie

7th: Bryony F., 12th: Chloe M.

15th: Bethany

5th: Chloe F.

8th: Bryony F., 17th: Chloe M.

10th: Bethany

5th: Sophie W.

Older competition results from 2016 (and earlier) have been archived as a PDF file