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Picture Gallery - 2009

Winter Solo Dance

Ely RSC team
Event 4
Event 11
Event 13
Event 14
Event 15

Maidstone Opens

Ely RSC team
Event 2
Event 20

Skate Week - August 2009

Ely RSC skaters & coaches

Tyne-Tees Roller Skating Tournament

Event 2b
Event 2d
Event 8a
Event 11a
Event 21 - Figures
Event 21 - Free Skating
Event 22a - Figures
Event 22a - Free Skating
Event 22b - Figures
Event 22b - Free Skating
Event 23 - Figures
Event 23a - Figures
Event 23a - Free Skating
Event 24 - Figures
Event 29
Event 31

British Championships

Senior Ladies' Free Skating
Silver medallist + trainer

Soham Open Competition

Ely RSC skaters (Brian’s group)
Ely RSC skaters (Paul’s group)
Event FIG1
Event FIG2
Event FIG3
Event FIG4
Event F7
Ely RSC skaters (Sunday)
Event D5
Event D6a
Event D7
Event D15



Competition Winner
Silver Ladies’ Free Skating



Ely RSC team
Novice Girls’ Figures
Prelim. Girls' Figures
Bronze Ladies' Figures
Prelim. Girls’ Combined
Bronze Ladies’ Combined
Figure medallists
Prelim. Girls’ Combined winner

Spring Solo Dance


Ely RSC team

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